How to apply

Candidates need to complete the 2024 application form. Up to three applications will be considered from any one country.  From the applications received, up to 24 participants will be selected. The final decision will be made by the programme management in order to ensure an appropriate mix of participants to achieve as rich a cross-section of experience as possible.

All tuition fees, travel and accommodation costs, will be met by the programme sponsors.

If a participant requires a visa to attend the programme then the cost of the necessary visa is to be met by the participant or his or her organisation.

Given the calibre of the proposed programme, it is envisaged that there will be more applicants than places and we welcome early receipt of application forms from candidates.

Countries that have attended the Programme

See Map for countries which have previously attended the programme. The maximum number of qualified applicants that will be accepted for participation from any one country will be two.