We are enormously proud of what, we believe, is a unique learning experience, taking place on the beautiful island of the Isle of Man and in one of the world’s oldest university towns – Oxford.

From dynamic lectures to real-life examples to break-out sessions and hands-on simulations, we give participants access to some of the world’s best practitioners and professors from Oxford and other leading universities as well as encouraging participants to share their own insights with counterparts from other small countries.

The learning experience is all about you – addressing the specific in-country challenges each participant faces.                                            

We achieve this by asking each participant to outline a  work related challenge they are currently facing; the key stakeholders involved; the main obstacles and sticking points; and what success will look like in 12 months time. We then revisit and refine these challenges throughout the programme, encouraging creative and innovative thinking; the sharing of knowledge and expertise from diverse participant groups; and providing participants with the skills and strategic understanding to instigate real change.

The result is an educational experience that will positively impact small countries now and many years into the future.